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Questions To Ask Before You List With A Realtor

      Over 85% of people, looking for a home today, start their search on Google, or their search partners. Ask the Realtor you plan to use, to explain, in detail, how he or she plans, to market your home, on the internet. When a key word search is done, will your home be made available on the major search engines, or will it be buried among millions of other listings on the internet?

      Does the agent you are considering have a follow up plan in place, to respond quickly, with good information, to visitors, who view their web site? It doesn't do any good, to get your home noticed, if your agent has no follow up plan, to keep in touch with potentially serious buyers.

      Will your agent have control over his or her advertising campaigns, which allows a faster response, to the advertising needs, of your individual home?

      Will your agent do a Realtor open house luncheon, as well as hold public open houses?

      Pictures are very important. Ask the agent, you are considering, for examples, of pictures, he or she has produced for their other listings. You should be able to get this information e-mailed to you, or displayed to you, at the time you meet together.

      Will the agent you are considering do a virtual tour? Will it be a real virtual tour or just more still pictures, that move around on the computer screen? How many scenes will the agent do?  Some homes require more than other homes.

      Does the agent you are considering seem to agree with everything you say? That's okay to some extent. However, you need some one who is secure enough, to give you their honest opinions, but flexible enough, to let you make your own decisions.

      Will the agent you hire help you objectively evaluate every buyer's proposal, without compromising your marketing position?

      How long has your potential listing agent been in the business? How many transactions does he or she complete per year? The average agent does around 15 transactions per year. You may not get the best service from the agent that does the most business. It just doesn't work that way. However, you do want to make sure, that your agent is doing enough volume, to have acquired the experience necessary, to do a good job for you.

      Between the initial sales agreement and closing,  unexpected situations may arise. During the interview, ask for several examples, of how this agent handled unexpected situations, in the sale of a home, in the past.

      Ask the agent for references.





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